Monday, January 5, 2015

Want to Stay Healthy This Season? Read this....

Don't want to get sick this winter? There are lots of ways to stay healthy and build your immunity. But the biggest, and least known, immune system adversary is processed sugar. Once our blood sugar reaches 120, our immune system is basically disabled for the next five hours. Most of us eat sugar more often than every five hours. So when does our body have a chance to fight off colds, viruses and bacteria?

There are many medical studies on the effect of sugar on our immune system. I could post a bunch of medical jargon, but the following article has a great, simple graphic to explain the process of the effects of sugar to our white blood cells, the cells that protect us.

In addition to the increased consumption of sugary foods during the holidays, we also stay indoors where germs are circulated through the air, and we are not getting the protective amounts of Vitamin D from the sun. The combination of reduced immunity fighting ability, low Vitamin D levels, and being bombarded with germs, leaves us vulnerable to continued illness throughout the season.

Take an active role in your health!

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